Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sweetness for the 4th

Yes, I know I'm a little early. (The 4th of July holiday sneaks up on me, and there's always
so much going on with the kids!) Wanted to try a little something different. These are chocolate
(white) dipped strawberries with a little extra bling!!! Let's just say......they didn't last long!

Dressed for Success (Father's Day)

Back in the day, when my father had to "dress up" for work, he
always opted for a bow tie. In honor of him, I made these shirt & tie
cookies. Naturally, I threw in some neck ties as well as bow ties.
Happy Father's Day to all!!!

Bachelorette Party - woo hoo!

A friend needed a lingerie cake for her bachelorette party. This is what we came up with. (Can't think of much more to say that is safe!!!!) Totally iced in buttercream with a couple of fondant accents.

In honor of this cake, I decided to make some cookies that complemented it.


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